School Council Notes 10/25/16

School Council Minutes 10/25/2016

Marcus Dahllof Kristen Gleason Karen Sandison
Mark Nardelli Sarah Arcese Kate Carpenter-Bernier
Old Business:
  • Air Quality - air quality concerns from last year were rectified by the city.  An extensive system of ductwork was installed to draw fresh air into two rooms on the second floor (Blanchard and ELL) as well as room 126 and the mental health room on the first floor.  
  • Gas Leaks - National Grid has been out to repair gas leaks in Albemarle Rd. on two separate occasions, the most recent being this summer.  I encourage families and staff to report any gas odor.
  • Dropoff/Pickup - Concerns were raised about dropoff and pickup times. Mark will look into the idea of having staff help with monitoring of the grassy area at dimissal.

New Business:

1. School Updates:  We reviewed the work going on in each of the groups below...
  Teacher PD Groups
Building Accessibility
Diversity/Equity Lesson Continuum
Family Engagement
Expanding Classroom Libraries
Strategies for Students Who Look and Act Different
2. Ideas for 16-17 School Year

We discussed a few ideas about how to more consistently communicate school values to families.  
  • Ideas included posting video of our all-school assemblies.
  • Hosting smaller (grade based?) assemblies and inviting parents.
  • Creating monthly values based themes that would include a home reading/assignment

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 16th @ 6:30 pm

  • Agenda focus: Select some monthly themes and create assignments for those themes

January Meeting:  Week of January 9th: School Council meeting in Boston and invite both Newton and Boston families.  

  • Agenda Focus: How can we foster connections with our Boston families?