Friday, December 7, 2018

Gift Ideas, Mr. Tynes Annual Play, and More!

Non-technology gift alternatives for the holiday season - Check out this list of recommendations from SCREENAGERS:

From Mr. Tynes -


The Cambridge Program for Individuals with Special Needs proudly presents:

Be Thankful for What You Got
An original play by David A. Tynes

Special Military Preview Saturday, December 8,  2018 at
This is a free show for all military veterans, active duty and their families.
All military, law enforcement and first responders are welcome.

Show Dates
Saturday, December 15th at 7:30pm
Sunday, December 16th at 4:30 pm

Admission: $10.00 at the door for both shows

Location: 680 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

Play Synopsis

Come and see these incredible actors perform in this four-act play.  Be Thankful for What You Got is designed to teach us all about life’s ups and downs and how love, duty, honor, perseverance, kindness and compassion can help us to understand that there is always a reason to be thankful.  The play is set to sounds of soul, country, rhythm and blues and folk music.

Join us as a young man struggles with addiction and watch, as a community that he sets out to hurt, comes together to rally and lift him up.

Journey with us back to the 60’s, as two young men travel two different paths. One risks his life and enlists in the Marines, heading off to Vietnam while the other uses his wealth and privilege to defer the draft; in the end becoming the most powerful man in the world.

Sit with us as we take you into the life of a young immigrant mother struggling to make ends meet, while others around her turn their biases and ridicule into empathy and understanding.

Finally, celebrate with us as we ring in the holiday season with a proud dad who was laid off after 20 years because the candy factory he worked at closed. Watch how he and his family celebrate the true meaning of the holidays.

Please click the link below to find out more about The Cambridge Program for Individuals with Special Needs.

The Cambridge Program is proud to be under the umbrella of The Department of Human Services.

Pre-School Opportunities

12/15/18    FREE     9:30 am
Storytime – Colonial Winter
Durant-Kenrick House
286 Waverley Ave, Newton
preschoolers and an adult
Story – The Mitten
Create cotton ball mittens

12/26/18   FREE      10:00 am
Storytime – Winter Hibernation
Jackson Homestead
527 Washington Street, Newton
preschoolers and adult
story – Over and Under the Snow
make wintry paperbag trees

Thursdays    FREE     11:00-11:45
Drop in Music Class - rhythm, songs, stories
preschoolers and adult
All Newton Music School
321 Chestnut St, West Newton

Music Program

children 0-3 and their caretakers
Wednesday Dec 12, Jan 9, 16, 23, 30
9:30am to 10:45am, at CPCF
Playspace, 150 Jackson Rd, Newton

Kids in the Know Playgroup
children ages 3-5 and their Adult, 
Tuesdays, Dec 11 & 18
3:00-4:30pm at CPCF Playspace,
150 Jackson Rd, Newton

From the Health Office

Warning Signs of Diabetes
A Collaboration between the Jordan Bennett Weiss Fund and the City of Newton Health Department

JBW Fund – PO Box 590223 Newton Centre MA 02459

Familiarize yourself with the warning signs / symptoms of diabetes. Sometimes the symptoms are very obvious, and other times they are not.  Early detection and knowledge of the warning signs is your greatest weapon against the disease and its complications!*

TYPE 1 DIABETES MELLITUS: These symptoms often occur suddenly and must receive immediate medical attention.
٭ Excessive thirst
٭ Frequent urination, sometimes exhibited by bedwetting
      (in large quantities)
٭ Sudden vision changes
٭ High amounts of sugar in the blood and/or urine   (A sweet, fruity odor may be   
      present in urine, on one’s breath/body.)
٭ Extreme hunger (increased appetite)
٭ Rapid or unexplained weight loss
٭ Fatigue (weak and tired)
٭ Irritability and mood changes
٭ Drowsiness, lethargy
٭ Nausea and/or vomiting
٭ Abdominal pain
٭ Rapid, hard breathing (heavy, labored)
٭ Confusion, Stupor, Unconsciousness

TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS: These symptoms occur gradually, however, they must receive immediate medical attention.
٭ Blurred vision
٭ Tingling or numbness in the legs, feet or fingers
٭ Frequent infections of the skin
٭ Recurring skin, gum or urinary tract infections
٭ Darker patches of skin usually in neck folds
٭ Itching of skin and/or genitals
٭ Drowsiness
٭ Slow healing of cuts and bruises

*Please note:  Many of these symptoms can be related to illnesses that are not associated with diabetes, including the flu. Only a healthcare professional can provide appropriate diagnostic tests and treatments.

For more information, log onto , , or